Sample Policy on the Use of Athletics Facilities by Non-Athletics Groups

Schools and colleges are frequently asked by internal and external groups for permission to use their facilities for special events or regularly scheduled programming.  For instance, a school’s badminton club may want to host a regional tournament in which individuals or teams from other schools or private clubs participate.  Or, a local women’s shelter wants to use the track for a walk-a-thon fundraiser to support its work.  Or, the Women’s Club in town wants to conduct fitness classes for mothers and their children.  Public schools or college may view sharing their facilities as a public responsibility.  Similarly, private institutions may see such opportunities as important for community relations, good promotion for their institution and/or a revenue opportunity.  No matter what the purpose, it is important for the educational institution to ensure proper protection of its property and management of liability risk associated with such activities.

The athletics director is often the one who must administer the outside user program.The attached PDF document is a SAMPLE policy and procedure.  Please don’t use it verbatim without submitting it to your legal counsel for review to be sure all elements conform to institutional policy and applicable local, state and federal laws.

-- Donna A. Lopiano, President, Sports Management Resources

Sample Facility Use Policy