Our Consultants

SMR consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in the governance and operation of scholastic and collegiate athletics departments, governmental and non-governmental sports commissions and governing bodies and other sports-related non-profit organizations. All have been recognized by their peers as outstanding leaders.

Donna A. Lopiano

Donna A. Lopiano, Ph.D

"The SMR consultant team is passionate about what educational sport does for young people but we realize how easy it is to get off track. The thing we most respect is the diligence and hard work required to maintain the integrity of athletics programs. After so many years in the business learning from our mistakes and successes, we're excited about being able to help others build quality programs and avoid the pitfalls."

Bob Frederick

Bob Frederick, Ed.D.

Dr. Bob passed away in June 2009 as the result of a tragic bicycle accident.  We greatly miss his wise counsel and as well as his warm friendship.  All will miss his real concern and compassion for people and the values he brought to educational sport.  We pledge to follow in his footsteps.  We leave his photo and blogs in place.

Christine Grant

Christine H.B. Grant, Ph.D.
Senior Associate

"We're excited about sharing our knowledge and experience. We're eager to collaborate with athletics directors to solve specific challenges, implement best practices and develop model educational sports programs."

Connee Zotos

Connee Zotos, Ph.D.
Senior Associate

"Staff supervision and evaluation can easily become the most time consuming task of any manager. Formalizing employment and compensation systems for coaches and other staff members is essential, not only for efficiency, but to avoid the actual or inferred personalization of the process."

Don Sabo

Don Sabo, Ph.D.
Senior Associate

"SMR is particularly proud of our attention to detail in using surveys and evidence-based analysis to make recommendations for approaching problems and issues.  We believe in "doing our homework" and quality research. "