Helping sports organization solve integrity, growth, and development challenges

Our Philosophy

Our Beliefs

We believe that the members of every great team want to measure themselves against the best and prove that they are equal or better performers.  SMR consultants help managers build great teams.

We believe in solving management challenges through data based institutional analysis and comparative best practices. 

We believe in working in a manner that engenders confidence and trust on the part of the athletics director and the staff. While the client may be a vice president or the executive officer of the educational institution, we know that recommended changes will be more successful if the managers and employees who must implement those recommendations are key players in the identification of challenges and solutions.  

We believe in increasing the capacity of our clients to solve problems themselves.  SMR does not “fix” organizations or tell people what to do.  Rather, our consultants work hand-in-hand with executive managers and staff members to:

  • generate policies, systems, educational interventions and data-based solutions that reflect best practices;
  • assist them in communicating the need for change to all stakeholders;
  • suggest how to involve all stakeholders in the implementation of new practices; and
  • share strategies for inspiring employees to experience the professional satisfaction of executing model programs and systems.

Principles of Client Engagement

To accomplish the purpose of leaving each consulting engagement with more skilled leadership and a higher functioning team in place, SMR consultants commit to the following principles of client engagement:

  • To build the client’s capacity to more effectively, efficiently and strategically accomplish the mission of the program by use of critical indicator reporting systems as program measurement and management oversight tools;
  • To debrief the athletics director first with all data analysis and findings, enabling the leader to adopt an appropriate stance and take ownership of recommendations and next steps;
  • To make assessments and recommendations based on data shared by the client; and
  • To assist the athletics director in developing high functioning critical thinking and change management skills rather than dependence on SMR analysis and advice.

Commitment to Best Practices

We commit to the following consultant best practices:

  • To maintain confidentiality of client information, including confidentiality of organization records, plans, and client conversations;
  • No anonymous data will be accepted but the identity of those who provide data will be kept confidential unless permission is given to share the information;
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback to the client in the most respectful manner;
  • Assume ‘good intent’ on the client’s part, always viewing errors or omissions as honest mistakes;
  • Work with the client as a partner, coach and teacher, constantly sharing information, insights and learning; and
  • Provide the client with choices whenever possible, fully vetting costs and other considerations.