Helping sports organization solve integrity, growth, and development challenges

Comprehensive Integrity Assessment

Presenting Circumstances

  • Senior institutional officer desires comprehensive review of athletics department policies and systems to ensure best practices; and/or
  • Athletics department is confronting any of the following challenges:
    • allegation or finding of non-compliance with governance association rules
    • litigation or complaints related to athletics department practices or coach behavior
    • auditor or senior management concerns with the integrity of administrative systems
    • low retention and/or graduation rates

Overview of Consultant Deliverables

  • Review of all written athletics department policies and procedures for conformance with best practices
  • Review of all personnel systems: hiring, orientation, training, evaluation and professional development of employees for the purpose of assessing diversity and conformance with best practices 
  • Work with senior staff to develop survey to sample staff, student-athletes and other stakeholders to gather data concerning the current status of operating systems, diversity within the organization and the identification of organizational concerns
  • For NCAA Division I institutions, guide staff through full preparation for NCAA Division I certification
  • For non-NCAA Division I institutions, guide staff through the following self-assessments:
    • a full Title IX self-evaluation and review of gender equity plans
    • minority issues and student-athlete well-being
    • academic integrity assessment including review of academic support programs
    • review of governance and rules compliance systems
  • Work with senior staff to create reports that allow the athletics director to regularly review critical indicators related to all integrity issues:  academic integrity, gender equity, personnel diversity and other minority issues, rules compliance and student-athlete well-being.
  • Based on the policies and procedures review, an analysis of interviews, survey and other data provided by the organization, recommendations will be developed for:
    • policy and/or procedure revisions
    • staff reorganization and/or additions
    • programmatic and/or operating system changes
    • educational interventions
  • Formal presentation, upon request, of results to athletics staff, faculty oversight body and/or executive officers of institution