Helping sports organization solve integrity, growth, and development challenges

About Us

Sports Management Resources (SMR) brings the knowledge of nationally recognized educational sports experts to help athletics directors solve integrity, equity, growth and development challenges of their respective athletics programs. Our consultants have incredible respect for the breadth of knowledge and skill sets required of athletics directors in today’s society. Parents, student-athletes, alumni and fans are often intensely demanding, the media prefers controversy over news about wins and losses and the potential for litigation has never been higher. Maintaining a steady and exemplary course, inspiring excellence, and coping with a myriad of issues has never been more challenging.

SMR consultants are former athletic directors and respected researchers as well as college professors. Thus, we embrace the role of being a colleague, advisor and resource expert, ready to assist the person in charge. We deliver knowledge about best practices and model programs, provide experienced critical analysis and a third party objective view that better enables administrators to identify and solve complex challenges. SMR consultants will work with you to insure:

  • exemplary ethical standards
  • foresight and prevention of crises and problems
  • model management systems
  • interventions for the resolution of systemic problems
  • strategic approaches to achieve program goals and objectives
  • inspirational workplace models for managers and employees to embrace change and perform at their highest levels
  • the development of leadership as well as managerial skills

We are passionate about the positive benefits of athletics participation on young people and are committed to helping design athletics program environments that maximize those benefits. This focus has been and continues to be our life work.

Contact Information:

Donna A. Lopiano, President