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Executive Coaching of Managers or Prospective Managers

Presenting Circumstances

  • Athletics Director or senior or prospective senior managers with great potential for advancement do not have management training or experience and there is no plan in place to address this need; and/or
  • Senior or prospective senior managers in current positions lack administrative experience, training and/or political acumen and would benefit from mentoring by a respected third party executive; and/or
  • Women or managers of color lack senior staff mentors and the Athletics Director desires to match them up with mentors of same sex or minority group; and/or
  • Experienced managers lack supervisory, hiring and employee retention skills and could benefit from one-on-one coaching

Overview of Consultant Deliverables

NOTE:  A limited number of managers may participate in this program.  Executive coaches are matched to client needs.  Client must complete an intake form regarding his or her current level of experience and needs. 

  • SMR Executive Coach provides unbiased feedback to client’s questions, guidance in confronting supervisory and political challenges and advice in the areas of critical thinking, professional relationship building and leadership skills via telephone consultations
  • Coach and client mutually determine the format of the coaching relationship from among the following options:
    • One-on-one initial face-to-face meeting between consultant and client employee to establish rapport and expectations
    • Once per month client/coach check-in meeting by telephone OR consultation as requested by client
  • Client has unlimited email access to coach 
  • At client's option, completion of a leadership assessment and development of a written professional development plan
  • Coaching relationship ends at any time at the request of the client

Estimated Cost/Timetable                                   

  • From initial inquiry through the execution of a written agreement there are no fees for SMR services.    
  • $450 per three hour block of coaching time purchased (3 hours @ $150);  must purchase in three hour blocks which is calculated on the basis of telephone consultation with no limit or charge for emails.
  • At client’s option, a face-to-face half day visit:  $500 plus out-of-pocket expenses for travel:  actual cost of travel, hotel and per diem
  • At client's option, professional development assessment and development of a written professional development plan:  $500 includes administration of professional development assessment instrument, initial two-hour intake consultation, development of the written plan and one hour consultation for the purpose of review/refinement/finalization of the plan.