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Invest in Development Capacity Now - Four Key Steps

During a challenging economic climate is not the time for athletics departments to “pull back” on fundraising efforts because of fear that donors will not be able to give.  Now is the time to do just the opposite.  A bad economic climate gives athletics a new reason to fundraise – the prospect of having to eliminate sports or a reduction in the program’s ability to compete because of funding challenges.  While a large number of people may be reducing their spending, there are always key donors who have the ability to increase their gifts.  Investing in new fundraising st

Q: What are the three characteristics that make up a good fundraiser?

A:  Passion, authenticity and  integrity.  Passion for your program is an essential prerequisite for success.  Being armed with facts that represent the qualities you most value (graduation rates, average team GPA, 100% effort, etc.) and delivering these facts with the energy and enthusiasm that would result in a prospective donor or fan saying, “How can I help?” is the goal.  Authenticity – being exactly who you are, being perceived by others as genuine, without arrogance or feigned interest, is also essential.   People easily detect fakes.  Integrit

Q: How important is television to the promotion, success and acceptance of women's sports?

Crucial. Television exposure is key to obtaining corporate sponsorship and advertising dollars that have traditionally fueled the economic success of men's college, Olympic and professional sports events. Currently, the glut of men's sports television product has limited opportunities for all but the largest women's sporting events such as the Olympics and World Cup Soccer. Men's sport contracts involving major rights fees tie up prime time slots and consume huge promotional and supporting program time commitments on both the networks and major national cable outlets.