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Personnel Systems: Achieving Diversity and Performance Objectives


Presenting Circumstances

  • Executive director/CEO desires comprehensive plan to improve minority recruitment and retention; or
  • Management concern that personnel systems (hiring, orientation, training, evaluation and professional development) do not reflect best practices; or 
  • Non-profit organization is confronting any of the following challenges:
    • litigation or complaints related to employment practices
    • Board expression of concern regarding diversity of staff
    • sexual harassment or other complaints related to treatment of employees or organization culture



Overview of Consultant Deliverables

  • Review of all written organization policies and procedures related to the hiring, orientation, training, evaluation and professional development of employees    
  • Work with executive director/CEO and senior staff to survey staff, board and constituents or other stakeholders to gather data concerning organizational diversity, perceptions of the current status of diversity within the organization and diversity concerns
  • Guide organization’s senior staff through the development of a diversity plan that would address issues of concern, ensuring that systems are also created to allow board and management to regularly review critical indicators related to that plan 
  • Based on the policies and procedures review, the diversity self-evaluation, and analysis of interview, survey and other data provided by the organization, develop recommendations that conform with best practices for:
    • policy and/or procedure revisions  
    • programmatic and/or operating system changes
    • professional development needs
    • educational interventions   
  • Formal presentation, upon request, of results to staff, board and/or other groups affiliated with the organization



Estimated Cost/Timetable

  • From initial inquiry through the execution of a written agreement there are no fees for SMR services.    
  • $175-$250 per hour with number of hours dependent on timetable for work; flat fee or monthly retainer is negotiable depending on nature of project;  discounted fees are available for small independent non-profits
  • No fees are charged for hours spent traveling
  • For days spent at the client’s organization, a fixed daily rate of $1,500 applies, no matter how many hours are spent on that day. 
  • Out-of-pocket expenses:  actual cost of travel, hotel and per diem for visits to organization, mailing and overnight shipping, reproduction of agreed upon materials with all such expenses detailed in the consulting agreement