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June 27, 2011 -

From the Financial Reports issued by the NCAA it is clear that the athletic budgets of  men’s basketball and football at many institutions in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) are increasing at an alarming rate.   For example, the 2006 budget showed a 14% increase for men’s sports over the 2005 budget, while the budget for women’s sports indicated only a 6% increase.  Men's football and basketball now consume 78% of men's athletics operating budgets.

June 27, 2011 -

There appears to be a growing tendency for athletic directors to allocate identical budgets to like sports e.g. men’s and women’s tennis teams or golf teams etc. At first blush, this may seem to be an admirable practice because when an institution does not offer football, this approach may result in full compliance with Title IX in the treatment of student-athletes.

May 10, 2011 -

At some institutions, sports have been officially tiered i.e. supported and treated in significantly different fashions.  When this occurs, it is important to realize that to select an equal number of men’s and women’s sports to be in the top tier will NOT be in compliance with Title IX if one of these sports is football. For example:
Men’s Sports          #S-As            Women’s Sports          #S-As
Football                  104                Volleyball                     14

June 14, 2009 -

On Friday, 12th June the intercollegiate athletic world lost one of the most respected athletic directors and human beings in the nation.  Bob Frederick died after suffering a tragic bicycling accident on the previous day.  There will be many tributes to Bob from across the country for he was an excellent athletics director, a leader in many key positions in the NCAA & a wonderful teacher.  But we at Sports  Management Resources (SMR) wish to honor him, not for his accomplishments, which were many, but for the values by which he lived.