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Title IX Assessment – Do It Yourself or Hire A Consultant?

Any institutional Title IX compliance officer or Athletics Director (AD) has the ability to execute a Title IX assessment.  Simply go online, print out the Office of Civil Rights Title IX Investigator’s Manual and follow 130 pages of instructions specifying the data to collect and how to analyze it.   Interview every head coach, three to four top athletics administrators, and other selected staff members.   Visit every office, practice and competitive facility, locker room, training room and equipment storage area.  These are some of the reasons why most school

Q: Are all college athletic programs required to go through a peer review certification process?

No. There are approximately 2,000 2-year and 4-year college athletics programs in the U.S. Only the 300+ members of Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association are required to go through a "peer review" certification program review once every ten years. This peer review process focuses on governance and rules compliance, gender equity, minority issues, student-athlete welfare and academic integrity. Every Division I institution goes through an extensive self-evaluation process. Then, an NCAA Peer Review team reviews the report and makes recommendations.