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Q: Does every organization need a full-time or part-time IT expert on staff?

Some organizations simply aren't of the size or don't possess the financial resources to have a full-time IT expert on staff. If this is the case, the CEO must acquire third party computer network set-up and maintenance services and this can be done at a very reasonable cost. It is simply too costly to risk computer crashes, costly bills for significant repairs, frustratingly slow systems or the time it takes to restore corrupted software or files. Even if the CEO knows little or nothing about computers, there are seven key questions the CEO should ask on a regular basis that will reduce the risk of failure of the organization's IT systems:

1. Are our server files backed up every day?

2. Are our back-up tapes stored off-site every night?

3. Are we checking our back-up system every other week to make sure it is operating properly?

4. Do we have an anti-virus system and is this system installed on every computer connected to our network?

5. Does someone have as their job responsibility the duty of checking daily that our anti-virus system is ON and that any update or security patch gets installed?

6. Do we have a firewall?

7. Does our IT staff member (or network consultant if we do not have IT staff) perform maintenance on our network according to a regular schedule?

Prepared by: Donna A. Lopiano, Ph.D., President, Sports Management Resources