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Coaches Code of Conduct Agreement

Note:  The following sample agreement is an excerpt from a prepublication manuscript due to be published in 2014: Lopiano, D.A. and Zotos, C. (Publication 2013) The Athletics Director’s Desk Reference. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

It is recommended that athletics departments administer the following Code of Conduct agreement to all head and assistant coaches (including volunteers) at the beginning of every school year. Failure for a coach to participate in a professional development experience each year must be remedied within the first three months of the following year. Failure for a coach to sign the code of conduct agreement may result in termination of coaching employment. This is a sample agreement only.  Seek review of institutional legal counsel for review of final instrument.
Coach Name: ______________________Title__________________________

Sport: _________________________________Date: ___________________

It is an Athletic Department professional development requirement and condition of employment for all coaches to attend at least one coaching workshop, clinic, or other professional development experience each year to enhance their knowledge of skills, strategies, and/or teaching techniques relevant to their sport. Identify the coaching program(s) you attended in the past 12 months including title, place and date (not applicable to a new employee):

By signing below, you are attesting that:

  • you have read the athletics department policies regarding standards of employee and coach behavior contained in the athletics department policy manual;
  • you understand your obligations to comply with institutional, department, and NCAA rules and your obligation to report any violations of which you have knowledge to the Athletics Director;
  • you have asked for and received clarification about any policies you did not understand;
  • you agree to comply with these policies;
  • you understand that failure to comply with any of these policies may result in sanctions or in termination of employment as a coach;
  • you understand that these policies are in addition to other institutional employment policies;
  • you understand that these policies cannot address every possible situation that presents itself and they do not eliminate the expectation of good judgment and professional behavior at all times;

Signature of Coach                                                                           Date