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Q: Does a "dress code" make sense for athletics departments or organizations conducting physical activity programming?

Yes. Young professionals in particular need guidance on appropriate professional conduct. Think of a dress code as professional education as opposed to a penalty-laden requirement. Here's a simple dress code policy that can be adopted or modified:


Expectations Regarding Professional Attire

The following is the policy regarding staff and intern attire during business hours:

Normal Business Attire. Suit, skirt, jacket, dress, blouse, nice slacks are always appropriate and considered to be the normal work attire. They are required when representing the organization at any public function or meeting with parents, vendors, corporate partners, etc. They are required when guests come to the office. Appropriate dress shoes should also be worn.

Physical Activity Attire. Wearing warm-up suits or collared shirts with coaching shorts and athletic shoes in the office is appropriate immediately before or after practice or physical activity classes but should not be considered as normal office attire.

Casual Days. Every Friday during the summer or on other days designated by the athletic director/CEO, casual attire may be worn. Casual attire is defined as casual slacks, dress or golf shorts of an appropriate longer length, shirts with collars, clean athletics shoes.

Unacceptable Dress At Any Time. The following items are not professionally acceptable: any and all t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, gym shorts, cut-off shorts, tights (as pants), bib overalls, collared shirts with logos other than our organizational logo, flip-flops, birkenstocks or slipper style or beach sandals.


Prepared by: Donna Lopiano, Ph.D., President, Sports Management Resources