Helping sports organization solve integrity, growth, and development challenges
Bob Frederick, Ed.D.
Dr. Bob passed away in June 2009 as the result of a tragic bicycle accident. We greatly miss his wise counsel and as well as his warm friendship. All will miss his real concern and compassion for people and the values he brought to educational sport. We leave his photo and blogs in place.
Don Sabo, Ph.D.
Senior Associate
"SMR is particularly proud of our attention to detail in using surveys and evidence based analysis to make recommendations for approaching problems and issues. We believe in "doing our homework" and quality research."
Christine H.B. Grant, Ph.D.
Christine passed away in December of 2021 at the age of 85 following a life well lived. Her friends and colleagues will miss her dearly. In respect and appreciation we leave her work on our website, acknowledging her many contributions to the sports management profession. Christine's work on Title IX and gender equity and her strong and respected voice as an advocate of equal opportunity for and treatment of girls and women in sport, changed the lives of so many. We are so grateful.
Donna A. Lopiano, Ph.D
“We're passionate about the benefits of educational sport and helping colleagues build athletics programs that meet the highest standards of integrity and performance excellence.”
Connee Zotos, Ph.D.
Senior Associate
"Designing, monitoring and constantly re-evaluating an athletics program model are complex tasks. We try to help athletics directors add structure and clarity while keeping focus on the big picture."


Sports Management Resources (SMR) consultants look forward to helping you take pride in the development of model educational sports programs.  The SMR consulting group focuses on helping educational institutions manage change in the increasingly complex and litigious environment of scholastic and collegiate athletics programs.  We emphasize embracing the highest standards of integrity, solving the challenges of remedying race and gender inequities and building the revenue streams necessary to the achievement of athletics department goals.  SMR consultants are former athletics directors and respected researchers, all of whom have also served as college professors and been recognized for their leadership and administrative excellence.  We have management experience in all competitive divisions as well as scholastic sports and sport-related non-profit organizations.  We believe that the excellence of athletics teams and programs can and must be compatible with academic and ethical integrity.   We’re excited about sharing this knowledge and experience.

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Common Sense in Responding to ...

I am amazed whenever reading media reports about athletic programs cutting sports programs as a preferred mechanism in responding to financial crisis, especially when such decisions include eliminating women’s sports thereby creating a platoon of angry athletes and parents eager to pursue Title IX litigation. 

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SMR Management Thought

The success of the athletics director lies in five important areas:

(1) informed, ethical and fair decision-making,

(2) hiring and retaining the most competent, passionate and committed employees,

(3) fulfilling the educational, funding and inspirational needs of employees and student-athletes,

(4) by example and action, inspiring excellence in the performance and behavior of employees and student-athletes, and

(5) creating policies and procedures that enable employees to work efficiently and effectively and mitigate the occurrence or repetition of problems.